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Be Ready for Your Move with our Move Checklist

Planning a move?  With our busy lives and so many things to remember, it’s easy to forget important steps that will help make your move go smoothly. We at Move 4 Less move a lot of people, so we know what a good move is.

The real secret to a good move is simple: good planning. So we’ve put together this moving checklist to help you plan your next move. Starting at two months before your move, follow these tips step-by-step:

Download Move Checklist

Two Months Prior to Moving Day

  1. Create a folder or use a shoebox to accumulate all the documents related to your move. Put this checklist in it as well as your moving quotes, insurance and other information. Save receipts for things like boxes, storage or Goodwill donations. Make and save a list of utility and other services accounts so you can check those off as you deal with them.
  2.  Contact two or three moving companies to get quotes on their services for your move. Be sure you get a written quote and on-site estimate from each to ensure you are dealing with reputable, quality movers.  See our blog on avoiding a moving scam for more tips on how to choose a good mover.
  3. Make a schedule and keep to it to sort through your belongings in each room of your home. Get rid of items you don’t need to keep. While you’re at it, make a note of items that may need extra insurance or special packing.

Six Weeks Until the Big Move

  1. Measure the size of each room in your new home to help you decide what furniture fits and where it will go. You may decide to discard or sell a few items that can’t find a spot in the new home. If you have large furniture pieces, measure doorways to make sure they will fit through.
  2. Purchase or collect moving supplies: sturdy boxes of varying sizes, bubble wrap or newspaper, tape and specialty containers. Your mover can give you an idea of how many and what type of boxes you may need based on their inventory of your items. For free boxes, check your local retail shops, or find them online on Freecycle.com or Craigslist.
  3. Plan to use up perishable items with expiration dates that are soon approaching. Especially in hot climates like Las Vegas, it’s hard to take these items with you, and less hassle if you don’t have to try.

One Month Before Your Move

  1. If you haven’t already decided, make your moving company selection and reserve your move date with them. Get your questions answered and finalize plans for specialty item moves (pianos, pool tables, etc.), storage or other services you’ll need from them such as insurance.  Be sure to check existing insurance coverage with your homeowner or renter insurance company.
  2. Begin packing. Read some of our packing tips here.  Be sure to clearly label each box. The best way to label is by recording what is inside each box and which room of the house the box will go to.
  3. Line up the switch-over of your local services, including:
  • Notify utility companies (electricity/gas/cable/telephone/security)
  • Set up a change of address at the post office or online at usps.gov
  • Notify banks of your address change
  • Forward medical records, school records and prescriptions as needed

Two Weeks to Go!

  1. Contact your moving company to reconfirm your appointment with them and finalize any plans or paperwork. They can provide you with any last minute boxes or other supplies you may need.
  2. If you are moving a long distance and will be driving your vehicle, be sure to tune up your vehicle at your trusted auto mechanic and be sure to check your tire pressure.
  3. Now’s the time to get rid of the last of the things you won’t be needing in your new home and save the cost of moving them. Make those trips to Goodwill, sell it on Craigslist or hold a final garage sale.

A Few Days Prior to the Move

  1. Take a full backup your computers and store it separately, maybe in your move shoebox). Make sure you’ll have an accessible email option available during the move.
  2. Pack suitcases so that you and other family members will have clothes and essentials for at least the first few days after moving.
  3. Do a mental walk-through to double check that you’ve completed all the move essentials – from electricity and gas, to the moving van, to bottled water for the car trip.

Moving Day Arrives

  1. When the movers arrive, take stock of your inventory before the movers leave. Part of this process entails signing the inventory list and keeping a copy for your folder of moving records.
  2. Stay on the premises of your old home until the loading process is completed to make sure you’re satisfied that all of your gear is loaded and accounted for.  Do a final walk-through just to be sure the movers have cleaned up after themselves and to lock up.
  3. Don’t let your movers leave the new place until you’ve done a walk through with them to make sure nothing is damaged or missing. They’ve worked hard, so if you’re happy with their work, don’t forget to tip them!

And that’s it! You have successfully completed your moving checklist and we hope a very successful move!

Download Move Checklist

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