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Reno Piano Moving Services: How Much Does it Cost?

Moving a piano is tricky business – one you can’t trust just any moving company (or brother, or neighbor) to handle. If you’re moving to Reno and you want your piano to come with you, read on to learn how to transport your piano safely and how much Reno piano moving services cost.

Do I Need a Reno Piano Mover?

If you’re moving to Reno and need to transport a piano, hiring a piano mover is probably your best bet. Pianos are notoriously difficult to move because they’re both extremely heavy but also fragile. They’re built with a delicate mechanism of keys, hammers, and strings that require great care when handled or moved.

Pianos are also very valuable – the last thing you need is to have your priceless piano damaged in transit. Moving a piano improperly may damage the finish, casing, or internal moving parts of the piano. And it can cost a lot more to repair a broken piano than it does to move an intact one! Specialty piano movers also know how to move a piano so it doesn’t go out of tune. (If it’s moved correctly, your piano shouldn’t require returning after the move, provided there isn’t a major humidity change from location to location.)

Specially trained piano movers like Move 4 Less know exactly what to do to transport your piano safely so your piano stays intact and no one is injured while transporting such a heavy object.

That being said, if you’re moving a lightweight, lower-cost electric piano, you might be able to handle that one on your own. But hiring a piano mover is the way to go for expensive, heavy acoustic pianos.

How to Move a Piano to Reno Safely?

Hiring a specialty piano mover can help you transport your piano correctly, safely, and securely. At Move 4 Less, we carefully pack and protect each piano prior to being moved and ensure it stays in position so it stays in tune throughout the entire journey and ready to fill your new home with music right away. We use high-grade equipment and industry-leading methods to move all types of pianos, including upright pianos, grand pianos, antique pianos, and modern pianos.

How Much Does Moving a Piano to Reno Cost?

The The cost of moving a piano to Reno depends on a variety of factors, including:

Type of Piano

Upright pianos typically cost less to move than grand pianos.

Moving distance

It typically costs less to move a piano if you’re moving locally within Reno than if you need to move it across the country.

Where the piano is going in the home

If your move involves navigating stairs, tight hallways, or tricky corners, this may affect your piano moving cost.

Size of Piano

Large, heavy pianos typically cost more to move.

When you’re moving

Demand can affect moving costs. Especially in the summer, we recommend booking piano moving services early when possible.
Interested in finding out exactly how much it will cost you to move your piano to Reno? Get a free piano moving quote from Move 4 Less Reno Movers. We’ll ask you questions about your specific move and instrument to deliver an accurate price estimate.

Move Your Piano to Reno

Ready to move your piano to Reno? Make sure it’s in good hands. Move 4 Less provides specialty piano moving services to keep your priceless instruments safe. We also offer residential and commercial moving services for the rest of your belongings, so you can work with just one group of movers for your piano and everything else. We’d love to help you make your move to Reno as seamless as possible!

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