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Reno Packing Services


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Packing your bags to Reno doesn’t have to be difficult. Even if you can perform your moving process by yourself, hiring Reno movers and packers can save you hours and prevent damage to your most valuable items.

We at Move 4 Less understand how tricky the moving and packing processes can be, and that’s why we offer a complete menu of Reno packing services. We serve all of Reno, all of Washoe County, and the entire Reno metropolitan area. Here’s what you should know about our Reno packing and moving services.

Why Hire Move 4 Less for Reno Packing Services

People order professional moving and packing services for various reasons. The moving process is stressful, and Reno packers and movers can give you the peace of mind you need. Packing companies for moving have years of experience and fully train their crews, so they can perform packing in a lot less time than you can. 

Packing is often the largest time waster in a move, so while your crew of Reno movers and packers puts away your items, you can prioritize other things and save time. Many people injure themselves while performing do it yourself packing, but you’ll avoid injuries because your crew is taking care of everything for you.

Professional packing services include the delivery of moving materials like boxes, tape, and packing paper. These materials can protect your items from damage during all stages of the moving journey. We will lift your boxes and other items carefully so they never hit the floor and get damaged. You don’t have to run to the store for anything. We can come to your home and drop your items off at your door. 

Our crew of Reno packers and movers will organize your items, keeping like items together. We’ll also label the boxes, so you always know what’s inside. We can give you a full written inventory so you know we have taken care of all your possessions.

Reno Packing and Moving Services

Unlike other Reno packing companies, we provide comprehensive Reno moving and packing services. Whether you need partial packing or full service packing, we can give you everything you need so you can pack and move stress free.

Types of Packing

We offer three different types of packing. If you’re comfortable packing your items yourself or with minimal assistance, we can offer you do-it-yourself packing. We can deliver packing materials and boxes to your door, or you can come by our office and pick them up. We provide free wardrobes and can order specialty wine boxes for you. 

If you’re struggling with difficult items like couches or wardrobes, our crew of Reno packers and movers can perform partial packing. We’ll put away these items while you pack the items you can handle. If you’re having trouble with packing, we can perform full service packing and put away all your items for you. We can use any moving materials you have on hand, but we’ll also bring items with us to your home. 


We can unpack your items, even if you ordered house packing services with other Reno packing companies. We’ll take your items out of boxes and bags and put them in any room you want in your new house. Once we’re done, our crew of Reno packers and movers will throw the boxes and moving materials away, creating a clean space for you and your family. 

Specialty Items

We offer comprehensive Reno packing and moving services for any specialty or fragile items you own. We have decades of experience in packing: 
  • Glass items, including mirrors and picture frames
  • Kitchen dishes and chinaware
  • Lamps and lights, including chandeliers
  • Artwork, including paintings and sculptures
  • Antiques
  • Collections of items
  • High-value items, including family heirlooms
We’re happy to provide you with moving packing services, even if your items aren’t on this list.


Our Reno packers and movers always use the best supplies, no matter what Reno packing services you order. We always use new materials, including bubble wrap and foam. We can put your valuables inside sturdy boxes and wrap them in shrink wrap to prevent moisture or dust from landing on them. We can also insulate them in wrapping paper as an extra layer of protection. 

Reno Movers and Packers Cost

The cost of Reno packing and moving services can be hard to determine in advance. A few factors affect how much your Reno packing services will cost. If you’re moving a lot of items, you can expect to pay a high rate. You can also expect to pay more if you need a lot of moving materials or specialty materials like bubble wrap.

The type of move you need can increase your estimate. Our crew needs to access all of your items without special steps. If our Reno packers and movers have to unlock doors or go up many flights of stairs, you may need to pay more.

No matter how much your Reno moving and packing services may cost, it’s always worth it to pay for packing. Reno movers and packers will save you time because they have experience in each step of the packing process. You may save money, as your crew won’t damage your items, and you won’t need to pay for new ones.

Move 4 Less strives to make our Reno packing services as affordable as possible. We can always prepare a custom quote in advance, and you will always receive support from professional Reno movers and packers.

Move 4 Less offers Reno packing and moving services that no other Reno packing companies offer. We serve all of Reno, all of Washoe County, and the entire Reno metropolitan area. We will help you save time and give you the stress free moving process you deserve. That’s why we have a 97% customer referral rate after 20 years in business. For a free estimate for top Reno packers and movers, call 702-381-1200.

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