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Moving F.A.Q.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions from our customers.If you don’t see the answer to your question, please call our customer service at 702-381-1200.

What’s the best time of year to move?

As you’d expect, the busiest moving season is summer, when school is out. You’ll find more moving dates available and moving rates a bit lower if you can move in the slower seasons, especially in fall or winter. Move 4 Less may offer seasonal discounts or other incentives during these times, so be sure to check our website for specials.

How much does a move cost?

The cost of your move depends on several things. First, how much you have to move. Your move is generally priced by number of rooms of items you will be moving and may be adjusted for special items, such as moving a car, or for extra weight. We’ll also take into account how far you will be moving. And, there may be other items, such as whether you need storage or packing help, and how much insurance is appropriate for your move. Don’t forget, we offer free, no obligation quotes for your move at any time. Here’s more information on the cost of your move.

For smaller, local moves, we offer a flat rate move local guarantee that provides you with an affordable, single price for your move.

Is my move insured in case of damage to my things?

Your move comes with free insurance at a minimal level, called “released value”, which provides an insured value of 60 cents per pound per article. Since that’s a small amount of coverage, most clients choose to purchase additional third-party coverage for a minimal fee, or select full-value coverage, especially if they have high-value items to transport. Read our page on insurance or ask your move counselor for help to get the right level of coverage for your move.

What is a local move?

Any move under 50 miles is generally considered a local move. Relocating within 50 – 200 miles or within the state of Nevada is considered an intrastate move. Moves over 200 miles, outside the state of Nevada, are considered long-distance moves.

Local and intrastate moves are commonly charged at an hourly rate and can include charges for additional services, such as, packing, unpacking, short term storage, specialty items, or installation services.

What is a commercial move?

Commercial moves are for businesses of any size, from individual offices to enterprise corporations. Commercial moving includes:

  • A commercial specialist to plan, organization and time the move
  • Moving supplies: boxes, labels, tape and packing material
  • Examine the new floor plan and assign color coded labels to facilitate fast and accurate delivery of items to their new location
  • Disassembly/assembly of furniture and office cubicles
  • Packing, unpacking and crating of large items, heavy items, inventory and electronic equipment
  • Professional movers – insured, bonded, experienced
  • Short or long-term storage may be needed

Is it worth it to hire movers?

Moving requires experience. Hiring a moving company may not be as expensive as you think. It is definitely worth getting an estimate for larger or long-distance moves.

For long-distance moves, the cost is typically based on the cubic feet of your items.

Local moves are estimated per number of moving staff, size of the move, distance of the move and how many hours the move will take.

Hiring a professional, insured moving company may actually save money, time, stress, and physical strain.

Will a moving company move one piece of furniture?

Yes, we do! When you need help moving one (or a couple) piece(s) of furniture, call Move 4 Less for a helping hand.

What items can’t be transported on your trucks – local or long-distance moving?

There are a few items we can’t legally transport for you under the safety rules of the US Department of Transportation. These include but are not limited to: aerosols, guns and ammunition, or potentially hazardous household chemicals like bleach, nail polish, paint and pesticides. Similarly, we don’t take oil, gas or lighter fluid which are flammable. And we don’t take pets, since the cargo areas of our trucks are not climatized for animal or human transport. If you aren’t sure about something, please ask.

Do movers disassemble beds?

Yes, we do! We actually ask that you allow Move 4 Less to disassembled them. This makes it much easy and faster for us to reassemble them at your new home!

What is Senior Move Management?

According to the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM), Senior Move Management is “the profession that assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation and/or aging in place.”

Move 4 Less is the primary senior moving company in Nevada. We are an approved vendor for all of the senior community establishments and have acquired long term contracts due to our extensive experience, superior standards, and first-class customer service. Whether it being a retirement, senior, assisted living, or health care facility, we understand each one of these moves require special attention.

Senior Move Assistance Services

  • Disassembly/reassembly of furniture and appliances (excluding gas lines)
  • Packing/unpacking services
  • Guaranteed prices
  • Complimentary furniture protection
  • Complete setup at your new residence
  • Full Value Protection Insurance available
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Movers are professionally trained, drug tested, and background checked
  • Receiving and Shipping of Specialty Items
  • Appliance Receiving, Delivery and Set-Up
  • Installation services
  • Complete home set up services available

What do full-service moving companies provide?

Full-service moving companies can help take the stress out of moving by offering services before, during, and after your move. We just happened to know a full-service company! 😉

When should I contact a mover to schedule my move?

It’s best to plan your move as far ahead as you can to make sure you get the schedule you need, and that we have the time to plan your move together with you. If you can, contact Move 4 Less at least 30 days before your move to schedule an in-home estimate, reserve a move date and give yourself enough time to get through your move checklist.

If you can, provide us with a window of time (5-7 days) that you can move. If you are moving long distance, give us a window when you will be able to receive your items at their destination. This allows us to coordinate your move more efficiently for you so we have the truck and movers available and can coordinate other activities, like storage or packing.

What is the most cost-effective time to move?

The busiest moving season is summer, when school is out. You’ll find more moving dates available and moving rates a bit lower if you can move in the slower seasons, especially in fall or winter. Moving on weekdays, rather than weekends, can save on the move cost as well.

Move 4 Less may offer seasonal discounts or other incentives during these times, so be sure to check our website for specials.

How do I choose the best moving company for my move?

If you are moving for the first time ask your friends and family who have some experience! Take the contacts from moving companies they suggested and ask a few questions:

  • Are they trustworthy?
  • Do they arrive at a time?
  • Do they communicate throughout the process?
  • Why do they provide better services?
  • Do they facilitate their customers with the best options?
  • Do they deliver your things on time?

Take it to the internet. Search for moving companies in your area and read the reviews! Also double-check their complaints, and how they respond to their customers.

Then contact them and ask them about their reliability, insurance, distance moving services, senior moving services, or your specific move.

Now shortlist the top 2 to 3 companies and research even more.

A safe, reliable, stress less and cost-effective moving is all about the companies and staff’s experience. Make sure to ask yourself:

  • Are they experienced enough?
  • Are they trained well?
  • Do they have skills and types of equipment needed during moving?

To hire the best movers, you should know the pros and cons and learn each and everything related to them.

Are they properly licensed and insured? This is a MUST! Many moving companies do not have licenses, so be aware. Ask them their license number and check the number.

Searching for the best mover includes services too. Check out their additional moving services: packing, unpacking, temporary storage, hidden fees, taxes, door to door services, affordable prices, senior citizens moving assistance, and specialty moves.

What do moving companies do?

At Move 4 Less, we offer a wide range of services to help you with the before, during, and after your move:

We understand you are busy and may not have the time to fully prepare for your move. We offer full packing services. This means we do ALL of the work for you!  A full pack removes the packing responsibility from you, allowing you to concentrate on more important moving to-do’s. You can be assured your most fragile items will be carefully wrapped and packed (or crated) by our moving professionals to ensure maximum care and protection. We even offer unpacking services for an additional cost.

Our professional experienced moving staff handles your specialty items with care. We can safely move a baby grand piano, an oversize aquarium, pool table, or other specialty items.

Move 4 Less offers complete state-of-the-art storage solutions. Whether you need short-term storage when moving between homes or offices or long-term storage for items like excess furniture, inventory, equipment or specialty items. We can help you organize, move, store and retrieve your goods at our facility in Las Vegas.

  • Climate controlled environment.
  • Monthly or Pro-Rated daily VS monthly storage fees.
  • Safety/Security: (alarm, video surveillance, & on-site security).
  • Automatic (green – paperless) bill pay.
  • Special Handling: Glass, Marble, Mirrors, Oversized items, etc.
  • Pricing by cubic feet (space) used VS size of the unit (room rented).
  • Each item inventoried by coded serial numbers.
  • Goods stored in palletized vaults (most economical & safest).
  • Palletized vaults are organized by job.
  • Access available at a fee.

Move 4 Less offers full service professional long-distance and interstate moving door-to-door. We handle the scheduling, load and unload and coordinate delivery at your destination. We also offer additional services you may need such as packing, temporary storage, and move insurance.

  • Guaranteed and affordable prices
  • Free no obligation in home estimates
  • Move planning from A to Z
  • Same Day / Next Day services available for most West Coast moves
  • Dedicated truck services available for West Coast moves
  • Complimentary furniture protection
  • Complete set up at your new residence
  • Packing & Unpacking services available
  • Full Value Protection Insurance available
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured interstate mover

How much does it cost to move across the country?

The cost for a cross-country move is dependent on quite a few factors. Each move is unique and will need a custom quote. The distance you are moving and the size of your move are the two biggest factors. Most cross-country movers charge per cubic foot of your items. We offer free in-home estimates to provide a custom quote for your specific move.

The type of cross-country move is another consideration in cost. You can have your items moved exclusively and delivered on a set day, or you can opt for a consolidated move.

In a consolidated move your items are stored and transported with the goods of other customers who are moving to your general vicinity during the same general time frame as you. Your belongings should arrive up to 14 days from your available delivery date, rather than on a set day. If you opt for packing services, that will also increase the cost.

What is a Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading is the contract between you and your mover that lists everything about your move, from the mover contact info, to the price, the delivery address, how you will pay and so on. It will also list the items we will transport for you.

Do you provide moving boxes and packing supplies?

To help our clients better protect their belongings during the move, we offer a variety of sturdy, professional grade moving boxes in different sizes and functions (such as dish packs, for safely holding plates and glassware).

Many people find used boxes from places like Craigslist and Freecycle, and then supplement that supply with our professional moving boxes and packing supplies. Order the moving boxes and supplies you need from us early so you have plenty of time to pack. We also offer professional packing services if you need help. We specialize in handling hard-to-move and hard-to-pack items, if you need help, give us a call!

Will your movers protect my furniture and special items during the move?

Yes, our movers carry blankets, ties and other moving supplies to protect furniture and other items during the move.

Let us know if you need help with heavy or fragile items, such as large screen TV’s. If you need packing help or advice, just ask. We’re happy to help, our job is to make sure you have a great move experience!

Generally, you should try to transport sentimental or highly valuable items, like family photos or jewelry, with you in your car, rather than pack them for the movers.

What happens if something gets damaged?

What happens if something gets damaged?
It’s unfortunate and we hope rare that an item incurs damage during the move. Our movers do their best to deliver everything in good condition.

The last activity of your move should be a walk-through of your new residence with your mover to make sure everything has arrived safely. If you spot any problems, such as missing parts or damaged items, tell your mover about it. If you discover a problem after the move, call our customer service desk at 702-425-7583 #305. We’ll help you resolve the issue if we can. Or, if it’s needed, we’ll help you file an insurance claim for the damage. We will always try to work with you until the problem is resolved.

Should I buy moving insurance?

Interstate movers are required to offer you full value protection and released value protection to help reimburse you in case of damage or loss. This is free insurance offered at a minimal level. It provides an insured value of 60 cents per pound per article. Most customers do choose to purchase additional third-party coverage for a minimal fee, or select full-value coverage, especially if they have high-value items to transport.

Your homeowners or renters insurance policy may or may not protect your belongings if they get lost or damaged during a move. If you’re moving valuable items, or if you’re moving a longer distance, it could be a good idea to invest in moving insurance.

How much does a Las Vegas move cost?

Your move is estimated by the number of rooms and items you will be moving. This will determine the number of movers needed and time it will take. Specialty items, such as, pianos, pool tables, large mirrors, etc. may increase the cost.

Move 4 Less offers additional services to help with the before, after and during: packing and unpacking services, short and long-term storage, moving of specialty items, tv hanging, setting up of furniture, and appliance receiving, delivery and set-up.

We also will take into account if and how much insurance is appropriate for your move. Don’t forget, we offer free, no obligation quotes for your move at any time.

How many movers do I need for my local Las Vegas move?

The average move requires 2-3 movers. Each individual move is different, so your specific move may require more movers. Give us a call and we can discuss the details of your specific move.

What size truck do I need when moving in Las Vegas?

Most people will require a 26′ moving truck when moving within Las Vegas. Long distance moves can require a 26’, 28’, or 53’ semi depending on your specific needs.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover). We do not take personal checks.

Should I tip my movers?

Your movers work very hard and appreciate a tip if you are happy with their work. The amount can be whatever you feel you would like to give.

If you would like to tip: An average recommendation would be to tip your movers individually around $4 to $5 per hour. For example, if a team of four movers spends a half-day (four hours) on your move, tip each mover $20. Or, some people tip 5% to 10% of their total bill for small moves and 15% to 20% for larger moves.

If you’re moving across state lines, you may hire different crews to load and unload your goods. In that case, divide the tips between both crews. It’s also a good rule of thumb to add a bit extra for tipping movers if you have special circumstances that have made the move harder, like a spiral staircase or an exceptionally heavy sofa.

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