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Teacher Appreciation
Moti Perez

Teacher Appreciation - Last Name "F"

Teacher Appreciation Nominations Blog F

Through our Teacher Appreciation nominations, we were able to see exactly how our teachers are impacting our kids and community. We want to recognize each nomination that has come in. 1495 unique nominations and 525 teachers nominated, we are sharing the answers to our question posed: “Why does this teacher make you smile?”. The blogs are organized by last name of the teacher.

Teacher: Tamlyn Fagan, Roger Gehring Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She makes coming to work enjoyable, fun, and exciting then making it feel like it's just a job

Teacher: Reymund Fast, K.O. Knudson Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because he is the funniest teacher caring teacher and a respectful teacher.

He makes me smile because he’s very funny and he always makes me feel better when I’m having a rough day. He constantly compliments my clothes or my hair and that makes me feel a lot better about how I look. He will forever be one of my favorite teachers. His class was always the funniest.

Teacher: Barbara Fenton, Walter Long Steam Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Barbara is our grade level chair this year for fifth grade. We have a team that consists of five teachers. Two of us are brand new teachers with one year or less experience, and one of us is brand new to fifth grade. We have had a wonderful year, in no small part because of Barbara's support. She goes out of her way to make sure that school is both productive and fun. She has served our team so well and so by doing that, served the whole school including the students as well. From leading the 5th grade team to create an incredibly fun haunted house for the school fall festival to working tirelessly on a 5th grade Harry Potter themed Hallway and points system this year that kept fifth grade so motivated. Barbara has made us all smile. Let's not forget the countless crafty goodies she puts together for our team. Her fun goodie bags kept me going throughout the testing week! Our team feels like home and Barbara has really been a great "mama bear" for the team. I think she deserves this recognition because she is the epitome of a team player.

Teacher: Melissa Finnan, Feritta Middle School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  Ms. Finnan loves her job and her students! She is constantly finding new games and activities to keep her students engaged in Physical Activity while having fun. There is so much more to PE than letting the kids play. It is fundamental that they enjoy being active in any way. She brightens my day and makes me smile daily. I love her advice and her ideas and most importantly her smile, it’s contagious!

Teacher: Lucas Finney, Las Vegas Academy

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  He has improvised with all of us-He makes us play with empathy, power, hope, courage, and fun. We make great times by practicing for pretty much anything. From concerts, and small chamber ensembles, we do make a difference in all of us, not just one. We all did it.

Teacher: Danielle Flanigan, Spring Valley High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She has always been extremely helpful and understanding teacher to us. She’s always willing to help us learn and improve our dances and the various moves we know. We’ve also built strong relationships as a whole in Company and everyone has grown pretty close. She is also willing very willing to try and understand certain things many teachers wouldn’t and accepted all of our dance styles as they are and I’m very thankful for Mrs. Flanigan and everything I’ve learned from her.

Mrs. Flanigan has always supported me ever since I was a freshman. She always encourages me to do my best and to never give up especially when I am feeling less confident in myself, she always pushes me to see the brighter side of things. Mrs. Flanigan has consistently made open efforts to get to know each of her students on personal levels and will never make us do something we are uncomfortable with doing. She's the only teacher that I know I can depend on at this school and would even consider opening up to and being vulnerable with.

Mrs. Flanigan makes me smile because she makes the class feel like a family. Our dance company actually all refers to her as mother because she's a person that is genuinely a role model to us. She is always so bright and positive, when I come into her classroom, I feel an immediate boost of energy. Whenever I have gone through something in my personal life she has always been there as someone I can talk to. She genuinely has helped me so much in my life, she is an inspiration.

Ms. Flanigan is such an encouraging teacher to all of her students. She understands that we are all at a different level of learning and adjusts her teaching accordingly. She has created such a supportive learning environment where I am not afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. I feel like I can be myself in her class not only to my peers, but to her as well.

Out of all of the teachers that I have encountered, she is the person that I confide in the most. When I enter her class, I feel that I can be myself no matter what. Her passion towards teaching and dancing inspires me to continue, even when I feel as if I don't want to. She helped me to develop a stronger love for dance more than I already have. Whenever I feel confused about something, she will go out of her way to help me. There have been countless times where I have had personal issues, and I felt comfortable to talk to her about it.

Teacher: May Flores, Selma F. Bartlett

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She always has a smile and positive energy. She's also funny and makes people laugh. And her students love her!

Teacher: David Fogg, Cortney Junior High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Because he is funny and also, he use to a DJ which is pretty cool. Also, he is a cool teacher I would enjoy being in his class.

Because he is funny

Because he funny and he motives me todo my work and he make me want to do my work and also.

Class is so fun, and Mr. Fogg is always helpful with schoolwork.

Does not give too much work and also teaches.

Funny guy good teacher he makes us work hard and gives us free time.

Has a good sense of humor.

He gives us fun assignments that we can actually understand. He helps us however he can when we don't know what to do. And he is a very nice and comforting teacher.

He gives me food.

He gives snacks.

He has a lot of different personalities!

He is a funny teacher, and his class is the only class that i am excited to go to at this school.

He is a very cool and nice teacher and makes the work hard and fun at the same time. and when i need help he is always willing to.

He is a very nice teacher. He is a funny teacher to be around, and he helps whenever somebody asks for.

He is a unique rare teacher who is legit a good perfect teacher to be around. I feel more comfortable around him and trust him more than the other teachers.

He is funny and help kids with their work when they need it and does a good job at it. Also, he lets us have fun sometimes when were all done with our work.

He is funny and makes everyone laugh and is cool.

and teaches in fun ways.

He is supa nice.

He is very chill and laid back.

He is very funny and explains the classes very well.

He is very nice and talkative. I always look forward to his classes.

e let us watch movies and give us free days and have board games for us to play. Also, he gives us prizes if we win in blooket or Quizzez.

He lets me draw in class and he makes learning entertaining.

He makes funny jokes, and he is the most understanding teacher I have ever had.

He makes joke he’s funny he helps if a student is in need, he keeps us on track.

He makes jokes. He is funny.

He makes me laugh and we have fun while working he doesn’t make the work boring, he always has a little fun in the project.

He makes me smile because he’s funny.

He makes me smile because, he's funny and fun to be around.

He makes me smile by making jokes and telling interesting stories.

He makes really funny jokes, and he appreciates his students and makes them feel better and doesn't push us hard to work. He is very outstanding we also meta celebrity because of him.

He teaches the right way and makes his class fun.

He's been very helpful these months. He makes me want to come to school, one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He is also very respectful and a hard worker.

He's simply Funny and Nice.

He ́s funny and always does a lot for us. He makes this class my favorite class.

He’s really funny and always in a good mood and makes really funny jokes.

His laugh, His jokes,

I like how he's very similar to a lot of the students here and know how to make us laugh; he not only teaches English (may I mention, very well), but also teaches us how to buy things with his own PBIS points store. He always keeps us smiling and laughing but still has his own professional touch to his job. Mr. Fogg is an amazing teacher who can honestly do all, he overall does his job very well.

I think Mr. Fogg is very funny he has good jokes and when evr we need help with an assignment he is there to help us.

I've only been in his class for about 2 months, Mr. Fogg is a really fun teacher that comes up with fun aways to teach us. He's a very fun teacher and he sell sodas and snacks for points.

Mr. Fogg makes me smile a lot because of the jokes he does, and he really had interesting stories to tell his students and it’s really fun, I think Mr. Fogg should win the teacher appreciation.

Mr. Fogg is a great teacher, he’s funny and is good at helping us understand our assignments.

Mr. Fogg is a really nice teacher. He always manages to make our class fun and interesting. He is also not as strict as other teachers, but he still gets the students properly behaved. I really do enjoy being in Mr. Fogg's class.

Mr. Fogg is a very excellent teacher which makes him the best teacher in school right now, also when he talks to us it's rather fun to talk to him than to talk with the other teachers.

Mr. Fogg is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He makes learning fun. He knows how to make kids laugh on a bad day. Mr. Fogg can make just about anyone smile with his jokes and his British accent.

Mr. Fogg makes jokes, and he helps me out when I ask for help, and he also has fun with the class whenever he has the chance too.

My teacher is a cool teacher because he gives easy work.

We also have free time because we have nothing to work on.

My teacher makes class fun. He also does nice things for our classes. He also always finds was to make our class laugh or we do stuff fun.

The teacher makes me smile because of the things he says to make people better and help with.

The teacher smile's good.

This teacher is very fun, and funny his classes is very easy and fun I think he deserves this because he makes a lot of people smile.

This teacher makes me smile because he helps me when I don't understand an assignment.

This teacher makes me smile because he is funny, and he is a nice teacher to socialize with.

This teacher makes me smile because he is so kind he always helps when help is needed.

This teacher makes me smile because he makes class really fun and learning fun and is a really funny teacher as well so that's why he makes me smile.

This teacher makes me smile because he makes learning so fun to do. He's also pretty funny and has a good sense of humor which makes him my favorite teacher.

This teacher makes me smile because he’s kind and funny towards all his students.

This teacher makes me smile because the way that he teaches is one of the best I have experienced 1 reason of that is that he always makes it fun and still learns.

Also, because if i need help I am always shy but with hem i feel confident and he gives the best help with the questions.

This teacher makes me smile by actually being funny and genuinely being a good teacher.

This teacher makes me smile by always starting the classroom with joy and always trying to help us. I appreciate Mr fogg for his hard work and kindness he's always kind to us.

This teacher makes me smile by making me feel comfortable in his class and by always throwing jokes around. Another way is that he'll never leave you feeling clueless and will gladly help you out. Finally, his class feels like a safe environment.

When I go into his class, he does not give us a hard time He does not give us homework unless we don't finish the assignment. so that is why he makes me smile.

Teacher: Ashley Follmer, Somerset Skypointe Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile?  She’s nice.

Teacher: Bonnie Ford, Steve Cozine Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? This teacher is just amazing! It’s my daughters first year in school and she is doing so amazing all because of her! My daughter looks forward going to school every day because of her amazing teacher. She’s always communicating with us and letting us know what our children are learning if we need help with anything or what we need to work on! She is patient even though our kids are a handful. She deserves it all!

Teacher: Ryan Formoltz, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mr. Fromoltz makes us smile because he's the kindest, most amazing and understanding teacher all of us have ever had. Mr Fromoltz taught us about family values, and the loving spirits we share with one another. We will never ever find another to show us how beautiful human nature is. By sharing food, conversation, and fun activities together, we've been able to connect with our peers, and share wonderful experiences, hopefully. many, many more in the future. I will cry, scream, kick, and be distraught if he is to ever leave the school district, I beg that other students may be able to experience Mr Fromoltz and all of his glory.

Teacher: Whitney Foster, Mojave High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She try’s her hardest to make her students comfortable and ready to learn in her classroom.

Her kindness and the environment she put around us.

Teacher: Denise Fox, Diaz Elementary School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Ms. This teacher makes me laugh because she is really funny and i remember that when we were online, she would play baby shark and dance or sing the song and when we would enter in the google meeting and she will show us her daughter and cat and she would make teaching easy and fun.

Teacher: Megan Franke, Las Vegas Academy of The Arts

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? Mrs. Franke has been the best teacher in the world. She makes me smile because of her radiant energy. It is almost impossible to be in the same room with Mrs. Franke and not feel energized. She always encourages us to do our best and to persevere through tough times. She is an integral part of this school, and I could not imagine it without her. Mrs. Franke does everything with grace and never misses the beat. She is a huge inspiration to me, and I will never ever forget her as my teacher. She makes us all one big happy choir family.

Mrs. Franke is my choir and Musical Theatre elective teacher. She is selfless and always has her student's best interest in mind. She is insanely funny and always comes into class with a smile. She constantly stays after school to help all of the vocal majors with their projects and shows. She is kind and you know that she will always be in your corner.

This teacher makes me smile on a daily basis. She carries so much joy and happiness, not only does she teach us the things we go to the school for (Music),but every day she teaches us real life things and situations for the real world when we graduate. Always being a safe space for all her students no matter what the situation is. Mrs. Franke puts a smile on my face when she makes me, and all peers feel loved and creates such a home environment in our classroom. Mrs.Franke doesn't do what she does to be known for it, she does it because she genuinely loves what she does and is so passionate about it. Mrs. Franke has never complained about her job or the things she has to do and something that makes me smile is the fact that everything she does really comes from the heart. Mrs. Franke deserves this award and so much more.

Teacher: James Frazee, Centennial High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? He is there to listen to me, and he provides great advice! He never fails to help me and make me feel happy.

Teacher: Jessica Freburg, Lawrence Junior High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She makes me happy whenever I am around her, she nice, she lets us do fun stuff sometimes. Lastly, she helps me whenever I need help!

Mrs Freeberg makes me smile because we do so many activities. She chose the best book for us to read. It was called Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. It was so good because it had all the things i liked. I love mystery i love Greek mythology and i love magic. So yes, this is not a lot to go off of but she helps me she is so fun to work with and i just hope 7th grade does not come soon because i wanna stay with her.

Teacher: Ryan Fromoltz, Las Vegas High School

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? A great person to talk to and figure out how to finish assignments if I’m ever confused.

Always keeps a smile on mine and everyone else face even if we are in a bad mood, he brightens up the room.

Because when I was in my lowest, they helped me to be compassion and have spirit and motivation to go to school and get good grades and graduate.

He asks and sometimes checks to see if I'm ok and also because he's a chill teacher.

Teacher: Sarrah Fuimaono, Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Why Does This Teacher Make You Smile? She's always having fun with us in PE, and she really nice and funny and kind!

She’s really easy to talk to and you can talk to her about anything. She makes pe fun.

This teacher makes me smile. She is funny. She actually talks to her students. She makes my days better.

Teachers play a significant role in our lives, and we are thankful for them and all they do for our community every single day. We understand how important their job is in student development and learning and know they work tirelessly to educate children and add value to their lives! Thank you, you are our heroes!

Moti Perez
As a cofounder and business owner of Move 4 Less, my passion is to deliver the highest quality of moving services in the industry. My varied background has thought me the value of seeking new challenges, working hard, keeping customers happy and focus on success. In 2002, I got my first taste in the moving industry, working for Nationwide Moving&Storage. For a little over two years I worked in a number of frontline and management positions, learning the ins and outs of the moving industry. The business is now one of the largest moving companies in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. I also had some time in between to open, manage and sell few restaurants and retail business. I continue to invest in Realestate and any other interesting business opportunity.
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