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Best Flowers to Plant for Las Vegas in Springtime
Moti Perez
April 28, 2021

Best Flowers to Plant for Las Vegas in Springtime

If you’ve just moved into a new home and are ready to refresh your landscape, now is the perfect time to plant for beautiful summer blooms. Here are some of our top choices to enhance your home’s outdoor oasis:

Canna Lilies

Canna Lilies are a desert favorite. The fiery colors complement any landscape design and stay beautiful for months. This flower has more complex fertilization and pest control needs, but it offers a range of colors and evokes a bold, tropical look. Canna Lilies love soaking up our direct Vegas sun.

Tall Bearded Iris

Tall Bearded Iris is a must-have for eco-friendly gardening. It helps increase the local bee fan base and is deer and rabbit resistant. Opt for a less frequent watering routine that thoroughly saturates the soil, as opposed to short bursts, and the payoff will be lovely. 

It’s also sure to stand out against any fern or vegetative backdrop.


This spicy and eye-catching flower is nothing if not gorgeous. An old favorite of the gardening world, it’s a classic perennial known for tall flower spikes. Set your Gladiolas up with a starter fertilizer, then add granular flower food every two to three weeks.


Of course, the best option for a low-maintenance outdoor space are cacti. These desert plants look amazing in any landscape, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Find ones that bloom with bright colored flowers or consider planting aloe, kangaroo paw, or agave for added health benefits. You’ll love the natural beauty that cacti give to your home’s landscaping.


Honeysuckle will give your outdoor space a touch of green year-round. This hardy plant is fragrant and leafy with small yellow or white flowers and grows as a shrub or a vine. The best part? It’s very attractive to butterflies. Honeysuckle blends well with other foliage. It can also be a sweet centerpiece in your flower beds. 

Weeping Bottlebrush 

Weeping Bottlebrush is a small flowering tree that’s native to Australia. This evergreen blossoms with bright red flowers in the spring and summer. Like Honeysuckle, it also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. Give your landscaping a whimsical touch with branches that droop gently to the ground. You can also add Weeping Bottlebrush to a center flowerbed or along a back-fence line.


Coneflowers feature purple petals and long stems. Consider planting these perennials when you need a punch of color in your landscaping. These are hardy little flowers, and they’ll tempt birds, butterflies, and bees to your yard. They grow to be anywhere from t two to four feet tall, giving your exterior landscaping some visual interest. Coneflowers grow quickly, and they self-sow their seeds copiously. This type of flower blossoms from the middle of summer until the first fall frost.

Golden Columbine 

There’s a reason the Golden Columbine is called the “Yellow Queen”. This flower features a bundle of bright yellow blossoms that bloom later in the year. It comes with fancy spurs to give your garden a unique look. Columbines resist drought conditions, making them perfect for the Las Vegas area. Your Columbines will love hanging out in the shade underneath a tree or beneath your home’s front porch.

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Moti Perez
As a cofounder and business owner of Move 4 Less, my passion is to deliver the highest quality of moving services in the industry. My varied background has thought me the value of seeking new challenges, working hard, keeping customers happy and focus on success. In 2002, I got my first taste in the moving industry, working for Nationwide Moving&Storage. For a little over two years I worked in a number of frontline and management positions, learning the ins and outs of the moving industry. The business is now one of the largest moving companies in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. I also had some time in between to open, manage and sell few restaurants and retail business. I continue to invest in Realestate and any other interesting business opportunity.
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