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Moti Perez
November 14, 2016

10 Tips to Save Money on your Long Distance Move

Long Distance Mover’s Tips On Saving Money On Your Move

From initial planning to the final unpacking, a long distance move can be very complicated, and your relocation budget can quickly get out of control. Take advantage of these 10 cost-saving tips as you plan your interstate move.

    1. Plan and track all your expenses. Create and stick to a realistic budget. Plan for the costs of each phase of your move: packing and preparation; travel and movers; and setting up at your destination. To help you stay in control, track and compare estimated to actual expenses on an Excel spreadsheet. If things start to get costly, make adjustments. You can choose cheaper accommodations, reduce your mover services (for example do the packing for your move yourself instead)

Open empty moving boxes of various sizes

    1. Save those boxes. In the weeks and months leading up to the move, save boxes from your online orders and other purchases, or pick up boxes around town or on sites like freecycle.org.  Another trick (and a space saver) is to fill all your suitcases to reduce the number of boxes needed for a move.
    2. Choose a reputable moving company for your move. Read long distance moving companies’ reviews available online on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp! and other review sites. It is important to understand what others have experienced once they have contracted with interstate moving companies to avoid a costly mistake. Many quality local movers provide long distance moving services as well, so pick the mover that you feel most comfortable with, based on their customer service, how professional they are and how affordable. Avoid any mover that doesn’t give you a written estimate or asks for cash up front.
    3. Avoid a middle man. When individuals and homeowners work through a broker they pay additional fees. If you do your own homework, you can plan an interstate or long distance move at a fraction of the price yourself and save yourself money.
    4. Plan your trip out beforehand. Select an economical route for your trip and make use of inexpensive hotels, motels and other lodgings close to your route to cuts costs, additional gas and mileage. Don’t get surprised by not planning ahead – book a motel that accept pets, if you need one, or book your hotel room early for better rates. Find cheap local gas prices when you need to refuel with GasBuddy or AAA TripTik. AAA TripTik will also provide movers with a route that will use the least amount of gas and can be used on long distance moves. Make our travel reservations in advance, especially during holiday seasons and at popular destinations. The best off-peak times to schedule a move include mid-week, or from September through March.

Funny portrait of smiling woman playing with dog in pet friendly hotel pool

    1. Learn when to let go. As with the new letgo app, when considering a long distance move, decide what you actually need to take, and what can be sold or donated to reduce the cost of the move. Go through your belongings with this in mind: It may be cheaper to buy furniture or another item at a destination rather than pay to have it moved. This may be especially true for aging appliances, broken furniture or an old mattress you’d like to replace anyway. Make your move cheaper by donating furniture, used books, outdated clothes and potentially selling rarely used sports equipment, small furniture and vehicles you don’t need online.

Teenagers helping Family Clear Garage For Yard Sale before moving

  1. Find the most important services you’ll need on arrival before you get to your location. Handy is an app available in 35 cities for movers to find someone to assemble furniture, clean a new place and more. Finding and contracting with reliable service providers early can save you from unnecessary stress and headaches at an unfamiliar destination.
  2. Check the state of vehicles to be used during the trip. Perform any necessary oil changes and make sure that all fluids are at optimal levels. Address any mechanical issues before taking on a long distance trip that can place additional stress on a vehicle and create a surprise repair stop at an inconvenient place and time.
  3. Get around traffic jams. Waze is a useful app that gets you to wherever you are going and offers real-time information from other drivers and data from GPS navigation to help drivers avoid police speed traps, traffic jams and auto accidents.
  4. Save your receipts for a tax write-off. Keep a record of moving costs, take pictures of any donated items, create a list of their approximate depreciated value and retain receipts from any donation. Check IRS Publication 521 for details that will save you extra money on your move.

A Leading and Affordable Interstate Moving Company

Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day

If you’re looking for the best long distance moving companies, Move 4 Less, is an experienced, licensed interstate moving company that can help you plan and carry out a smooth and affordable interstate move. Move to Las Vegas, or relocate to any location in the US with our expert moving, packing and storage services at affordable long distance moving companies rates. Contact a Move 4 Less move counselor today to get started planning your big move today.

Moti Perez
As a cofounder and business owner of Move 4 Less, my passion is to deliver the highest quality of moving services in the industry. My varied background has thought me the value of seeking new challenges, working hard, keeping customers happy and focus on success. In 2002, I got my first taste in the moving industry, working for Nationwide Moving&Storage. For a little over two years I worked in a number of frontline and management positions, learning the ins and outs of the moving industry. The business is now one of the largest moving companies in the Las Vegas metropolitan area. I also had some time in between to open, manage and sell few restaurants and retail business. I continue to invest in Realestate and any other interesting business opportunity.
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